{{Austin Craig}}

Austin and I (Cory) grew up in the same small town of Manchester, Ohio. He was a few years behind me in school and by time I had graduated, he had put out his first EP and was playing the local music scene. Fast forward a few years, he actually now lives in Houston, TX and he's in the works for a new EP to be released soon. I was so stoked when he reached out to get some promo work done for the release. 

Seriously, start following him now wherever you can. Check out his sound. Stay tuned for more with this guy - big things from a small town.

{{Emily+Tyler}} Engaged

Emily and I (Casey) used to work together at Life Today, and she was always the sweetest work buddy with the cutest clothes and a gum or mint whenever you were in need! As long as I've known her, I've been keeping an eye out for a special guy to set her up with... BUT, God didn't need me! Emily and Tyler met on eHarmony - they were each other's very first (and last) contact. #presh. And they should probably be on a commercial or something because their engagement pictures are absolutely adorable! We can't wait for their special day - that I know will be a stunning "west Texas meets southern charm" type feel ;) - and we can't wait to see what God has planned for their future! 

{{Marciante and Company}}

I can't even begin to tell you how proud and excited I am for my friends and how honored I am that they trusted me to help capture their dreams becoming a reality. I'm sure you have heard by now, but if you haven't, Marciante and Company launched a Kickstarter and within 24 hours was completely funded. Check out the write up D Magazine did on them. Yes, the one and only D Magazine. Unreal.
They have continued to get backers and funding as well as some pretty big endorsements. It's only up from here. I remember having coffee with Matt just brainstorming and dreaming, and it's crazy to see it all come to pass and how well it's already succeeding even before their Kickstarter has ended. Even from the first meeting, it was easy to see how passionate Matt was all about making a QUALITY product, that doesn't cut corners, and that is insanely comfortable (he's been wearing his first sample pair for the past 5 months - they still look amazing and fit better and more comfortably than the day he got them), all while being crazy affordable.

Moral of the story: Dream big and work hard.

So check it. You have 4 days left (depending on when you're reading this blog) to order your leather products at a discounted Kickstarter price. You need to head over to www.marcianteandco.com right now to get in on the deals they have. After 4 days the prices will go up, JUST a little bit. Please please do yourself a favor and go check them out. Back them for a dollar, or fill your closet with their shoes. Pretty soon Bieber will be on board and everyone will want the shoes you have. Just saying.

ANYWAY, here are some of my favorite shots we got in studio and out and about for some promos of their ridiculously good looking shoes. So fun.

{{Tori Edwards}}

I always hate the wait for sharing bridal images, but I love the fact that in the time between the photoshoot and the time I do finally get to share them, our beautiful friends have become ONE with the love of their life. Our evening with the now Mrs. Tori Edwards was perfection - from her AMAZING dress to the ridiculous amounts of sunshine and warmth in December.

So excited for her and her husband and all the good things to come through them!

Lacy Cannon killin the makeup game on this shoot.


These dudes.

The oldest one in the group, I believe, is 19. 19! And they just released a ridiculous fresh EP on Spotify and iTunes that you need to have in your library immediately (links below). They are each so talented, but more than that they are amazing dudes with a heart for people first and then their music. That simple shift of focus will help carry these guys very far in the music world, and I believe the industry needs more artists with hearts like theirs.

I can't wait for these guys to take the music world by storm. Check them out:

*Also, guys, I better be invited for when you guys get invited to play on Jimmy Fallon.*

{{Jillian+John}} Engaged


It was an honor to spend an evening with these two love birds capturing them in their short but sweet engagement season. These two are a POWER couple and will do some amazing things in the years to come. So excited to watch what they do and all the lives touched by their relationship. For those who are in a season of waiting, this relationship is a testimony that God honors his word in HIS time. Jillian posted this other day and I loved it: "Be encouraged. Ladies, No matter how long the "waiting" may be or feel like, I can now say, from experience, ITS WORTH IT! Hang in there! Hold onto your dreams and desires and press into the Lord. He hears you and loves YOU! He has YOUR best coming. John and I had our first date 6 months ago. We are getting married next week. And just like that, BOOM!! #ourStory"

Just like that. Tomorrow can't come soon enough to those who have been cheering them on before they even know they were going to be together.

Jillian and John - We love you both SO much and cannot wait to walk along side you in these amazing years of marriage to come!


When your friends are model status and ask if we would do their Engagement session... Yes. No questions asked.

Starting at a beautiful park hidden away just outside of the city, we lost track of time a little bit and ended up getting to walking around downtown Dallas as the sun was setting. These two made my job so easy by the way you could see how genuinely they loved each other and could act like themselves in front of the camera.

We're so honored to capture them in this season of being engaged and we can't wait to watch them become Mr. and Mrs. exactly ONE MONTH from today! So stinkin exciting.

{{Haley+Corban}} Engaged

We could probably photograph proposals every day for the rest of our lives and be happy. There is so much excitement and nervousness and certainty and uncertainty and surprise and tears and joy and sweaty palms and SO many other emotions in a proposal. I'm 99.9% sure that our hearts were beating as fast as Corban's as he drove his now fiancé to this location for the big moment. 

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{{Brian Fentress}}

One of the best voices I've ever heard matched with one of the biggest personalities I've ever met. Spending any amount of time with this guy will have your abs hurting from laughing. 

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