{{Stacey Walter}}

If you ever get the chance to meet Stacey Walter, you will immediately get the sweet sense of joy, authenticity, and wisdom she carries. It's nearly impossible for this girl to "give me your serious face" - Giggling will ensue with the assurance that she can't not smile. And it shows in her music.

Enter, Tiny Bus Collective. Megan White (of TBC) was approached to help create Stacey's album art, website, and promotional material for her first studio album, Winter is Over. With the use of the BEAUTIFUL lifestyle photography that Abrahanny Rodriguez had previously done, Megan wanted to also show the process and the story that came with creating the album. We used the space that she actually recorded the album, Legendary Sound Studios to recreate some of the recording and writing processes. We had Stacey candidly sing a few songs and tell us stories throughout the whole shoot and came out with some beautiful images that helped capture such a sweet time in the studio.

Below are some of my favorite shots from the photoshoot, followed by the end product that the RIDICULOUSLY talented Megan White created for Stacey. Go check out the other amazing things Megan's doing. Do it.