{{Squares Conference}} 2016

There's nothing like being surrounded a huge group of like-minded creatives. There's an energy you can't quite describe. Last month, I was given the opportunity to capture the life of an amazing creative event called Squares Conference. A sister conference to Circles, this conference has a "focus on design, UX, front-end, development, business and products." I learned a few things here and there when I could understand the jargon of this group of creatives - But more importantly, I got to meet a lot of very cool people. Everyone was so approachable which made my job of getting up in their business to photograph the event super easy. So excited that I get to do it all over again for Circles in Septemeber. Huge shout out to Ish Burciaga for trusting me to capture what he's created.

Check out the recap video from my brilliant new friend, Wilson of Lemieux Company followed by some of my favorite images from the event. Also, you can read a great write up of Circles and Squares conference here from Emily Richard of the Invision team by following this link.