{{The Oles Family}}

The one major downsides of being a photographer in Texas is the improbability of anyone wanting to do an outdoor photoshoot anytime during the summer months. Texas gets hot and stays hot even after the sun goes down. After a long time of planning and coordinating schedules, we were finally able to spend time capturing the personalities of one of the coolest families... on one of the hottest early summer evenings. We stayed in the shade and hopped in our cars for frequent car air conditioning breaks which helped keep our spirits high and smiles genuine. As expected, we still had such a good time with the Oles crew and ended up capturing some great moments of them together. As you'll see, we also spent a lot of time making some great portraits of Kerrie for her new book and some website promos as well - she's a phenomenal speaker and writer!

Go check her out and grab 4 or 5 of her books for you and some friends while you're at it.