{{Monuments}} Possum Kingdom

I'm not much of a landscape photographer. Aside from when I was learning how to work a DSLR camera, I don't know how often I've intentionally taken photos of landscapes.

When James Reid approached me with the new Gateway album concept for Monuments, we quickly found ourselves needing to scout a location to do portraits and other group photos for other promotional material while revolving around the theme of the cover art. The idea of using Possum Kingdom was brought up and soon we were scheduling some scouting sessions out on the lake. They ultimately decided that we wouldn't be able to do portraits at the location, but that it would still be great for social media and other branding images, so they took me and some ridiculous video guys (PLUG: Jonathan Mendoza and Chris Stetson) out to get some various landscapes and textures. Looking at the images of the album concept, I knew this would be a great opportunity to make use of my beloved prism and other glass elements. I was so stoked at the results that I was getting in camera. Check out some of the images below.

Also, for being a part of the project, we were given a pre-release of the Monuments album, a bracelet, as well as some lyric cards. The actual cover image is not one of our photographs, but you can see some of the images that the incredible Gabi Ferrara used in her design work.

Following the packaging images you can see some our favorites from the time out on the lake.

- Cory