{{Marciante and Company}}

I can't even begin to tell you how proud and excited I am for my friends and how honored I am that they trusted me to help capture their dreams becoming a reality. I'm sure you have heard by now, but if you haven't, Marciante and Company launched a Kickstarter and within 24 hours was completely funded. Check out the write up D Magazine did on them. Yes, the one and only D Magazine. Unreal.
They have continued to get backers and funding as well as some pretty big endorsements. It's only up from here. I remember having coffee with Matt just brainstorming and dreaming, and it's crazy to see it all come to pass and how well it's already succeeding even before their Kickstarter has ended. Even from the first meeting, it was easy to see how passionate Matt was all about making a QUALITY product, that doesn't cut corners, and that is insanely comfortable (he's been wearing his first sample pair for the past 5 months - they still look amazing and fit better and more comfortably than the day he got them), all while being crazy affordable.

Moral of the story: Dream big and work hard.

So check it. You have 4 days left (depending on when you're reading this blog) to order your leather products at a discounted Kickstarter price. You need to head over to www.marcianteandco.com right now to get in on the deals they have. After 4 days the prices will go up, JUST a little bit. Please please do yourself a favor and go check them out. Back them for a dollar, or fill your closet with their shoes. Pretty soon Bieber will be on board and everyone will want the shoes you have. Just saying.

ANYWAY, here are some of my favorite shots we got in studio and out and about for some promos of their ridiculously good looking shoes. So fun.