We Move from Glory to Glory

Just over 3 years ago, I began a journey that I never dreamed would be possible - accepting a full-time position as the in-house photographer for one of the largest churches in the US. Growing up in Ohio, far away from the Bible Belt, I didn't even understand how a church would have the need for something like this - I still think some of my friends and family back home don't quite understand what I do ("soooo, do you just, like, take photos of your pastor every Sunday in the pulpit??"). Even after accepting the position, it took me awhile to realize what all I would get to capture. Gateway has given me the opportunity to gain relationships with so many incredible people. Not many other positions on staff require a person to attend so many events from all our ministries and meet with so many pastors and congregation members for various portraits/stories. I was constantly surrounded by a growing number of acquaintances becoming 'family members'. At the same time, I was learning from some of the most incredibly talented designers, videographers, and wordsmiths who constantly pushed the boundaries of ordinary. I was always being challenged to step out of my comfort zones on so many projects, I could never have done that on my own.

Late last year, Casey and I resumed business with Cory+Casey (after taking about a year off) and started getting more involved with worship at Gateway. We quickly learned I would not be able to balance both a full-time job at Gateway as well as managing our own company and the music ventures that we knew we were being called to pursue. After much praying and planning we made the very difficult decision for me to step down from my full-time role with Gateway Church towards the beginning of the new year. Instead of passively operating our photo business, we will now be able to devote more time to actively pursuing clients. Instead of writing and recording music during a random ice storm once a year, we will now have more time to write, record, and play live music {{Be sure to subscribe to our Cory+Casey youtube channel to stay up to date with things we do}}. We know we have both been called to music and hated that we haven't devoted more time to it in the past years. Finally, I will be working hard to open a hand drawn greeting card and print shop - more details on that will follow.

All that to say: As of today, February 2nd, I am now full-time freelance. Casey and I are thrilled for the new opportunities that lie ahead. God honors obedience and many times obedience requires you to do something a little uncomfortable. Doors have already started opening when I began slowly letting people know that I was leaving. Those doors would have never been seen or considered if we wouldn't have been obedient in taking this crazy step out of comfortable. Sometimes you just need to jump and put your full faith in God who has better plans that we can even imagine were possible. It happened 3 years ago, it's happening now, and it will happen for the rest of our lives. I'm so thankful for a Father who sees and loves us in our successes and our failures. He will always keep us moving from glory to glory for His Glory.

I'm beyond grateful for the relationships made and the things I've learned during this season with Gateway. We both can't wait to see what else is in store in this next season. Thank you to everyone who has seen me through the good and the bad and who are continuing to push me to do more in the future. We love each and every one of you.

God is good. All the time.

{{I've put together a few of my favorite photos over the last three years with Gateway Church. Some from various events, some from the various magazines that Gateway publishes. I'm still blown away by all the cool things I got to see and be a part of with this creative team. You can also see some of the spreads here}}