{{Senior Feature}}

We're still here!!

We've just had an unintended blogging hiatus... like literally 3 months since our last post... whoops! BUT, we've still been shooting and editing and keeping real busy this season, which has been amazing! 

Can I just say - side note - if you're hesitant about stepping out in obedience to the Lord because it's scary or looks too hard or there are just too many unknowns, be reminded and encouraged that God only asks us to do things for our good, and that will fulfill our dreams in a way we didn't know was possible! Truly, each new season we've had since taking the leap and starting our business full-time has been above and beyond the year before, and that can only be because we've allowed the Lord to lead us through it. We seriously mess up all the time. But we're confident that there is One greater guiding our every step, and He's so proud when we obediently follow Him.

Which is a great segue to some AMAZING seniors! These photos are some of our favorites from this past 2017-2018 school year. Seniors are honestly some of our favorite sessions - we love getting to showcase all the individual personalities while also getting to hear hopes and dreams and passions for the future. 

Soar high, little birds, and change the world!!

(No shame about that cheesiness.)