{{Senior Feature}}

We're still here!!

We've just had an unintended blogging hiatus... like literally 3 months since our last post... whoops! BUT, we've still been shooting and editing and keeping real busy this season, which has been amazing! 

Can I just say - side note - if you're hesitant about stepping out in obedience to the Lord because it's scary or looks too hard or there are just too many unknowns, be reminded and encouraged that God only asks us to do things for our good, and that will fulfill our dreams in a way we didn't know was possible! Truly, each new season we've had since taking the leap and starting our business full-time has been above and beyond the year before, and that can only be because we've allowed the Lord to lead us through it. We seriously mess up all the time. But we're confident that there is One greater guiding our every step, and He's so proud when we obediently follow Him.

Which is a great segue to some AMAZING seniors! These photos are some of our favorites from this past 2017-2018 school year. Seniors are honestly some of our favorite sessions - we love getting to showcase all the individual personalities while also getting to hear hopes and dreams and passions for the future. 

Soar high, little birds, and change the world!!

(No shame about that cheesiness.) 

{{The Mendoza Family}}

If you do not know the Mendoza family, you are missing out! Jonathan is an incredibly talented videographer who recently left his job to pursue full-time filmmaking on his own, so now we have this fun, new, freelancer bond. ;) Check him out if you're needing some creative video work done -> mendo.tv !!

When Jonathan reached out to us, he had a very specific location in mind. We trekked out to Dallas to visit the spot that he had proposed to his wife, Katie! We retraced their exact steps from the proposal location out to Klyde Warren Park - except this time with their three kids in tow. It was a blast getting to see the kids experience their parents' memories in such a fun way! Each member of the Mendoza family has such a sweet spirit and precious heart - and we've got the pics to prove it.

{{The Cross Family}}

You never quite know what to expect when you receive a message asking to talk about a "hair brained idea" for a photo session, but we are SO GLAD we jumped at the challenge!

In addition to some fun family shots, the Crosses were inspired to bring to life this quote by C.S. Lewis: "Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage." I can't help but think of our own little one when I scroll through these pictures - such joy and innocence! And it makes me all the more grateful that we have a future and a hope that is so much greater than our earthly existence.

Enjoy! <3

{{Chase Bohl}} Senior

This was definitely one of our favorite senior sessions last year! We had a blast exploring downtown Dallas with Chase - this guy has got some seriously incredible talent, and we are so excited to see what's in store for him next! 


Here are a few favorites from another sweet maternity session that we did back in the fall! At the time, our little one was about 5 months, so our own maternity session was still fresh on my mind. After almost every shot of Ashlee, when Tim would say "Babe, you look so beautiful... that was such a good one... you look amazing..." my heart would swell because I remembered how I felt at about 36 weeks pregnant - getting dressed up and taking pictures was the laaast thing I wanted to do. But this adorable couple was so happy, and we had so much fun, Ashlee was a PRO, and we agree with Tim 100% - she looked INCREDIBLE! :)

{{Tori+Justin}} Just Married

What better way to celebrate love today than with this GORGEOUS couple?! We couldn't wait to get them back in their wedding gear for this dreamy session. Like seriously.

Enjoy!! <3

{{October Fall Minis}}

Let's take it back to our October Fall Mini Sessions! 

Mini Session Days are always such a whirlwind - we schedule quick, back-to-back sessions, for an entire day. It can definitely be a lot! But, they are always such a blast because we get to see so many people that we love, we get to meet some new ones, and each shoot is a new adventure as the light and weather shifts.

In 2017 we had our most successful Mini Session days to date, and we are so thankful!! Here are a few of our favs from our October dates - keep an eye out for the November dates blog soon!

{{The Moore Family}}

We love getting to do family sessions with multiple-generations! There is always such a delicate sweetness with the youngers and the olders; so much energy and so much calm contentment. And always just the MOST love. :) 

And how can you not adore these little redheads?! The entire family is just simply beautiful, so enjoy some of our favs from the shoot!


It has been QUITE some time since we've posted a blog! Fall is most definitely our busiest photo season, add a new baby to the mix and our time has become MUCH more precious! But now that the photoshoot season has died down some, I wanted to get back to sharing a more in-depth look at some of our shoots! It takes me foreeeever to pick just one photo to post as a sneak peek, so I love getting to share all of our favorites here. :)

AND! What better session to start off this new year than with one of my best friend's and new parents'?!

Rachel and I (Casey) have known each other for around 12 years! We met in our high school show choir (Feelin' Groovy anyone?), and we have been close friends ever since. Rachel is one of the funniest people I know, and I couldn't even tell you how many inside jokes we have stored up. Then add Shaun to the mix, and these sweet friends are a HOOT (see Thor images below)! These photos are from their maternity session back in the early fall, but now their sweet boy is here - happy and healthy! (When I went to visit them in the hospital, Shaun was sure to calculate if our sons would get to play on the same soccer teams together.) Besides being just beautiful humans, these friends are some of our favorites, and the Lord has blessed us so much by placing them in our lives! :)

{{Monuments}} Possum Kingdom

I'm not much of a landscape photographer. Aside from when I was learning how to work a DSLR camera, I don't know how often I've intentionally taken photos of landscapes.

When James Reid approached me with the new Gateway album concept for Monuments, we quickly found ourselves needing to scout a location to do portraits and other group photos for other promotional material while revolving around the theme of the cover art. The idea of using Possum Kingdom was brought up and soon we were scheduling some scouting sessions out on the lake. They ultimately decided that we wouldn't be able to do portraits at the location, but that it would still be great for social media and other branding images, so they took me and some ridiculous video guys (PLUG: Jonathan Mendoza and Chris Stetson) out to get some various landscapes and textures. Looking at the images of the album concept, I knew this would be a great opportunity to make use of my beloved prism and other glass elements. I was so stoked at the results that I was getting in camera. Check out some of the images below.

Also, for being a part of the project, we were given a pre-release of the Monuments album, a bracelet, as well as some lyric cards. The actual cover image is not one of our photographs, but you can see some of the images that the incredible Gabi Ferrara used in her design work.

Following the packaging images you can see some our favorites from the time out on the lake.

- Cory