Cory+Casey || Est. 2010

We capture memories. We draw things. We sing songs.

We are excited you even thought about us long enough to look at our work and read about us. We want to know more about you! Use the contact link above and drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by!


Hi :)   ||   Casey

If suddenly real life turned into a musical, I might get some dance steps wrong but I would sing the crap out of those solos.  My ultimate life dream is to play Eponine in Les Mis.

It is entirely possible that I enjoy reading almost way too much. Cory thinks I'm weird for the amount of nights I would prefer to be at home.

Having exact change at the register makes my heart happy.

I love to craft and create.  It always seems so much easier to start something than to finish it... so sometimes Cory has to deal with my crafting messes. #worthit

My day job is working for Gateway Church, as an Executive Assistant for our Southlake Campus Adult Ministries team.   


Heyyo!   ||   Cory

I’m a 6' 1", beard growing, music and caffeine junkie. I love coffee. And I drink it black - like a man with a beard should.

I get so much energy by being around other people. Being home alone is the worst kind of night.

I have a terrible memory. I'd be an unorganized disaster if it weren't for my wife... and Sticky Notes.

I could eat chips and salsa for literally every meal for the rest of my life.

I'm a 2010 Art Education major from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. I currently work full time for C+C Creative.